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Application Security Platform
Daily reported cyber attacks in 2020
Scans with critical vulnerabilities
Estimated global cost of cybercrime in 2023
With secfinity at hand, every aspect your security toolkit, from diverse tools to intricate protocols, is addressed.
Streamline DevSecOps integration into your CI/CD pipeline with our App Security Framework for quick setup and long-term reliability.
Secfinity covers your entire security toolkit, ensuring harmonious custom toolset operation for expert-level protection.
Dive into your cybersecurity rhythm with secfinity. Sync KPIs with our real-time code analysis to swiftly detect and fix risk-relevant code.
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Cybersecurity Expert for
Security Champions play a crucial role in the "shift left" approach to security, where developers are tasked with more security responsibilities. A challenge arises from the limited availability of security experts, with an average ratio of one security professional for every 135 developers in some cases. To address this, organizations train selected developers within their teams through specialized programs and encourage participation in security community events. This strategy helps scale Application Security efficiently and enhances overall security practices in software development.
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DevSecOps Expertise
Europe's finest minds are working toward a singular goal. Drawing upon our close collaboration with top cybersecurity professionals and enriched by our collective experiences in founding startups and guiding companies, we present to you an unparalleled platform to tackle contemporary security challenges.
Automated Security Officer
Navigating the financial challenges of hiring a dedicated security software engineer can be daunting. With our App Security Framework, you tap into the expertise of Europe’s cybersecurity elite. Designed to emulate the skills of a top-tier engineer, our tool provides dynamic, continuously evolving security solutions.
Expert Security courses
Embark on elite cybersecurity courses crafted by Europe’s leading experts. Master real-world tools and strategies, and future-proof your abilities. Turn tomorrow's challenges into today's opportunities. Propel your career forward, distinguish yourself in a digital age, and establish your digital dominance. Act now.