Defuse the cybersecurity time bomb
Benjamin Gnahm, your cybersecurity expert, empowers your company with cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge to ensure you're prepared for the digital future.
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Who is your Trainer?
For over two decades, I've been immersed in the world of cybersecurity, and have since become one of the leading figures in this field. My experience ranges from in-depth technical roles to strategic leadership positions in prestigious companies. I regularly share the insights and essence of my work in cybersecurity through lectures and workshops, both nationally and internationally.
My standard
Not just theoretical, but practical, accessible, and always with a focus on the essentials.
My goal
Provide participants with in-depth knowledge and prepare them for the challenges of the cyber world.
My compass
Quality and expertise, based on ethical values, to act for the common good.
why now
damage from ransomware
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Our seminar series: "Secure Leadership in the Digital Age - A Cybersecurity Intensive Training for Decision-Makers" offers you:  
  • Basics of cybersecurity to better understand threats and respond effectively to them.
  • Enhanced protection through hands-on strategies and techniques that you can implement directly in your company.
  • Expert knowledge from international industry leaders, introducing you to the latest trends & tools.
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Who benefits from this program?
  • Executives such as entrepreneurs, board members, CEOs
  • All C-Level decision-makers
  • Experts in compliance and law
  • Data protection professionals: DPOs, officials, practitioners, and specialists
  • IT specialists: ITC managers, officials & experts
  • Information security teams
  • Risk management experts
  • Auditors and controller
  • Marketing professionals: managers and specialists
  • Consulting experts
Your benefits at a glance
  • Financial Protection
    Minimize potential losses from cyberattacks
  • Image and Trust
    Maintain your impeccable reputation and strengthen customer trust
  • Legal Compliance
    Ensure you meet all GDPR requirements & industry standards
  • Unwavering IT
    Boost the stability and security of your IT infrastructure
  • Quality from Bavaria
    Benefit from expert knowledge right from your region!
course details
10.02.24 – 11.02.24 
Price: 1.875€
Viktoriastraße 3b, 86150 Augsburg, Germany
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